Ring Size Chart


I highly recommend you visit me and have your finger measured professionally prior to purchase. However if you are happy to measure your finger yourself it can be done by taking a piece of fine thread (not string) and wrapping it around the base of the appropriate finger.

Make a mark with a pen at the point the string joins and begins to overlap, and then measure this against a ruler in millimetres. This will provide you with the circumference measurement of this finger. If you already have another ring that fits this finger you can measure the inside Diameter which can be found by measuring in mm across the centre of the rings band and checking the size against the chart above.

The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit, so if you choose a ring with a deep band width, you will likely need to go one size up.

The best time of day to measure is in the evening, when your fingers are largest. Avoid measuring when you’re cold, as fingers are at least half a size smaller.

 Alternatively you can click the link below to the Goldsmiths website for a printable ring sizer:

Printable Ring Sizer

Or you can purchase a ring sizer from myself  via the link below here:

Reo Ring Sizer






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