Quintessentially British for the Rarest of Breeds



Reo Jewels Is a collective of unisex jewellery adorned by the rarest of breeds. Cast from British wildlife anatomy It plays on our instincts and exposes our carnal desires. The animalistic shapes connect us, unmask us and provide us with a platform for exhibiting our primitive side. It is not for the faint hearted and leaves you asking the question 'What animal am I?'

Produced in Sterling Silver and Hand-made from start to finish in the heart of London each piece is as unique and as individual as the person who buys it. Materials are all UK sourced to promote and support the British Economy and determined designer-makers like REO herself. Pieces can only be purchased from the maker herself.

Heritage is a vital part of the REO brand. It roots us, exposing our breed and blood and provides us with direction and purpose. Traditional methods of making are fused with modern trends, which echo through the jewellery in its ability to be both beautiful and beastly. Each piece is stamped with the REO makers mark which is also reflected in the wax seal found on the top of the packaging.

"REO captures preserves and gives new life to the mysteries of the curious and dark natural world around us. By taking moulds of real life animal anatomy and nature, REO turns these found treasures into beautiful pieces of jewellery that can be worn and adorned forever and passed down through generations."




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