Reo's Story



Reo Jewels Is the name behind Margate based jeweller Rebecca Ellis Onyett.

Born in the Kentish countryside REO developed a fascination with wildlife from a young age. "As far back as i can remember i have foraged for skulls, bones, shells and kept them as these rare natural forms of treasure"  in 2010 during her degree in Silver and Goldsmithing at the University of Creative Arts she began to experiment with sculpting, mould making and lost wax casting and soon developed her own style for making jewellery.

  In 2012 after graduation with a first class honours degree REO decided to move to London and began creating her own brand of hand-made unisex jewellery. Cast from British wildlife anatomy It plays on our instincts and exposes our fascination and desire to connect with the natural world. 

Produced in Sterling Silver and Hand-made from start to finish in her Margate based studio, each piece is as unique and as individual as the person who buys it. Materials are all UK sourced to promote and support the British Economy and determined designer-makers like REO herself. REO does not have any stockists as she prefers her work be only purchased from the maker herself.

Traditional methods of making are fused with modern trends, which echo through the jewellery in its ability to be both timeless and on-trend. Each piece is stamped with the REO makers mark

"REO captures preserves and gives new life to the mysteries of the curious and dark natural world around us. By taking moulds of real life animal anatomy and nature, REO turns these found treasures into beautiful pieces of jewellery that can be worn and adorned forever and passed down through generations."




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